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We Provide Advice for Strategic Transactions           

Enable or Accelerate Growth for Engineering & Technology Companies

Create new avenues for growth

- Introduce new technologies, products or services
- Enter new geographies or market segments
- Bring in new business strategies or marketing/sales techniques
- Leverage core competencies to accelerate growth

Strengthen existing business segments

- Fill technology, product, service, geographical or market gaps
- New applications for existing technologies, products or services
- Enter markets adjacent to existing business segments
- Broaden scope of existing business segments

Buy-side Advisory

We deliver proprietary deal-flow

- Companies that are good fits for you
- Companies not currently in market or looking to sell
- Fresh ideas that require deep industry knowledge

We have the experience

- Understanding your business situation and how to deliver growth
- A quarter-century of buy-side work and unearthing opportunities
- Understanding business owners and what motivates them to sell
- Structuring transactions that make sense for everyone in the deal

Sell-side Advisory

Divest non-core business units

- Find strategic buyers for these business units
- These business units can prosper under new ownership
- Understand the business and its drivers
- Maximize value by conducting a limited auction
- Create Confidential Information Memorandum
- Negotiate with a variety of potential buyers

Divest carve-outs

- Identify business segments embedded in the client's operations
- These business segments may share operations with core activities of the client
- Work with client to develop a plan for a new business from these segments
- Understand the business and its drivers
- Create Confidential Information Memorandum
- Find potential buyers that can add missing pieces and create a viable business

Joint Ventures & Partnerships

Usually a starting point for new business segment, geography or marketing strategy

- Helps client gain experience and confidence in new business

Often leads to a merger at some time in the future
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