Engineering & Energy

We have significant experience in Engineering & Energy.

We understand this industry. Our experience spans a broad array of fields in this industry. This includes industrial, manufacturing, oil & gas, mining and metals.

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We are active in Infrastructure M&A.

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Our experience and interest in infrastructure M&A includes building materials & equipment (for industrial, commercial, residential, roads & bridges), water, wastewater, electric power production & distribution, pollution monitoring and transportation.

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We are active in Technology M&A.

Our experience includes software, semiconductors, telecommunications, e-commerce, automation, robotics, cybersecurity and web-based applications.

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We have extensive experience in Defense, Aerospace and Manufacturing sectors.

Our experience includes aircraft, aerospace supply chain, aircraft engines, space technology/services and a wide variety of manufacturing for defense and commercial applications.

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Medical Products/Life Sciences

We do M&A for companies in the Medical Products, Bio-Engineering and Life Sciences arena.

Our experience includes M&A for companies doing Medical Product development & manufacturing, Medical Implants, BioTechnology, Laboratory Instruments, Occupational Safety & Health, Clinical Trials, Drug Development and HealthCare IT.

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Financial Institutions & FinTech

We have experience in M&A for Financial Institutions and for companies with Technology that powers them.

Our experience includes M&A for Insurance Companies, Banks, Private Equity Groups and for companies with the technology that powers Financial Institutions.

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